Annalise + Gayan met in a Brazilian Drum Troupe in London. After getting together they eventually relocated to Melbourne, Australia where Annalise grew up. Their first kiss was in Queens Park London so it only felt natural for them to get married at Oliver's Garden, Queens Park in Melbourne a few steps from their apartment.  They wanted their wedding to be intimate and meaningful to them and incorporate their diverse backgrounds and they really succeeded. Their ceremony combined their story of how they met with all guests finding an instrument on their seats to contribute their own rythmn as a Brazilian drum troup lead Annalise towards the aisle. Before she walked down the aisle she and Gayan performed a drum call to each other before Annalise grabbed her bouquet and headed to join her groom. During the ceremony both their fathers were involved in traditional interfaith religious rites (Buddhist and Orthodox) that they wanted to incorporate. Gayan's father had specifically sourced string blessed by a Monk from the region of Sri Lanka he is from to perform a Buddhist knot tying ritual in which the pinky fingers of each partner are tied together and then blessed with holy water. It was truly a unique and heartfelt cross-cultural ceremony. Drinks and dinner followed in the outdoor space in the Australian Sun. Speeches, cake (made by a close friend) and dancing followed until late. The couple also followed the wedding by inviting everyone to a BBQ in the same park the next day to maximize time with all the friends and family who had come all the way from the UK and all over.  It was unique, intimate, and heartfelt wedding which was everything they hoped for. 

Venue: Queens Park, Melbourne, Australia

Photographer: Pierre Curry