The meaning of the name Esther is Star so with this in mind we incorporated a celestial holographic theme worthy of a cool 13 year old Brooklynite. In addition, being wise beyond her years Esther wanted to reduce as much waste as possible from her event. The glassware was all biodegradable, the linens, flatware and plates were rentals which could be washed and reused. The Photobooth backdrop was given a new lease of life post-event in her bedroom. Glowsticks were battery operated for continued use and were given out to guests as they left.  This more mindful approach definitely reduced the wastage that a lot of events unfortunately can be known for. We also had fun adding a GIF Booth and Snapchat filter all within the invitation color scheme. Mazel Tov Esther!

Venue: Industria Superstudios, Brooklyn

Photographer:  Kate Alison Photography

Photobooth / Gif booth: Oh Snap Smile