Estee + Andrew had a big year in 2015. They bought a house, got engaged, found out they were pregnant, got married and had a baby! The wedding was therefore a celebration of their love and excitement for what the future was to hold! Estee who was 6 month pregnant on the day of the wedding was postively glowing! The ceremony was intimate and a special family affair as both Estee and Andrew's mothers officiated together. Estee and Andrew exchanged vows, rings and sealed a bottle of wine in a wooden box to be opened on a special anniversary, with a little trouble and a lot of laughter, surrounded by friends and family. Cocktails followed on the lawn and dinner in a Tent. Towards the end of Dinner their wedding cake was brought out for a cake cutting and a thank you toast by the couple. Estee and Andrew then proceeded to surprise their friends and family by announcing that they were all about to discover if they were expecting a girl or boy as they had provided their baker with a sealed envelope from their last anatomy scan and their wedding cake was acting as a gender reveal! The cake was cut and after quick inspection they announced they were expecting a baby girl! There wasn't a dry eye in the house (including us) as immediate family ran and hugged them. To top it all off their baby girl was named Elodie!

Venue: Wainwright House, Rye

Photographer: Tory Williams Photography